Here is a fantastic segment on a 1930 Bentley chassis (modified) with a 42 L V12 Packard engine (supercharged) from a WW2 Motor Torpedo boat..... Yep that is right 42 litres! The car (if you can call it that) produces about 1500 horse power... Yep that is 1500 horse power!





Here are the specs:

  • Chassis: 1930 Bentley Packard monoposto
  • Engine: 41.8-litre Packard V12 (from a WWII Torpedo Boat), four-speed Bentley C-type gearbox and a Bentley Speed Six rear axle running in reverse
  • Price/on sale: Assuming you could track down a Packard engine and an Eight Litre Bentley, in the region of £350,000. This one is not for sale
  • Power/torque: 1,500bhp @ 2,400rpm/2,000lb ft @ 2,400rpm (That's more powerful than a Bugatti Veyron)
  • Top speed: 160mph approx
  • Acceleration: N/A
  • Fuel economy: 4 gallons per minute at full chat


Enjoy this fantastic, mind blowing and must see video for anyone that is a petrol head: