Alain Lévesque

Alain Lévesque dans son atelier

We came across French Canadian born artist Alain Lévesque during our research and could not go past writing an little article about him. Firstly because the stuff he does is nothing short of truly beautiful and secondly there are not many artists around that are actually dedicated to producing contemporary collectable works that capture the style colours and form of the past.  (i am sure there are going to be some people that will object to that comment. Fine please comment if you come across other artists of the same calibre)

Alain Levesque, Femme Au Volant Giclee, Art Deco

Born in 1956 at Lassare in Abitibi, at an early age Alain Levesque chose a career in graphic design. His fascination with automobile art began in 1988, being exposed to the 1920's and 1930's automobile and their forms which inspired him. Very quickly, he achieved a place among the leading poster artists by creating major works for the Montreal World Film Festival and the Americas Cycling Grand Prix, plus the series of three posters showing the three world capitals in the giant 1991 exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, entitled The 1920s: The Age of the Metropolis.

He only produces limited runs of his prints or one off pieces on canvas. Now his works don't come cheap... but then nothing about classic cars does.

If you are interested in making a purchase he has authorised sales through: or

Alain Levesque, Porsche, 356, Coupe, giclee

Signed and numbered edition of 100. Size: 20.25" x 18". $220

stingray, painting, Alain Levesque

"Stingray '68", by Alain Levesque, 1999. Oil on Canvas. 30" x 30". $2200

 Alain Levesque, Monaco, Mercedes Silver Arrow, Grand Prix

Mercedes Silver Arrow, the most powerful racecar on the Grand Prix circuit in the 1930's.
Open edition, 24" x 34" $60.00

continental 1958

"Continental 1958" by Alain Levesque, 2001. Gouache on board, framed, 7.5" x 5.5". $500

Jaguar E-Type giclee by Alain Levesque (Canada), 2011, signed by the artist, striking representation of a British Racing Green Series 1 Jaguar XK-E, with needle sweeping across gauges in background, 25” x 21”, A- cond., (very light handling wear). $220

Alain Levesque, Alfa Romeo Aerodinamica print

Alfa Romeo Aerodinamica print by Alain Levesque, Canada, 2002, presents a dramatic interpretation of the sleek racing machines of the mid-1930’s, 19” x 36”, A+ cond. $150

Because of his unique style and vision, Alain has been a favorite of concours organizers when it comes to creating original artwork. He has painted at the request of automakers like Porsche and Daimler-Chrysler, has exhibited at Detroit's Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance since 1995, and has even exhibited alongside the Automotive Fine Arts Society at their annual show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

"My goal is to convey the essence of the automobile, not to illustrate it."


You can visit his personal site here however it is just in French. You can also read a nice bio about the artist in Hemmings Classic Car magazine Feb 2010. Click here