The Original Three Castles

As ever unmissable, the 2015 Three Castles will again be based in the attractive seaside town of Llandudno.  Competitors will enjoy three days of competitive rallying in a special,  relaxed format. Their cars will cover almost 500 miles on smooth surfaces, visiting many of the most attractive locations in North Wales and travelling over scenic rally roads.

Competition will take place over a dozen regularity sections and twenty driving tests on private land, some new to the event. Just as important, hotels, lunch halts and evening venues will be of a sustained high quality, for an enjoyable all round experience that's very hard to beat. For more detail, click Information.

Quite apart from the competition there’s so much to enjoy on the Three Castles. Llandudno is a charming town that delights and surprises first-time visitors. Your four nights accommodation are in the same four-star hotel throughout, so you can make yourself at home. Our dedicated Hospitality Team ensures that lunch, coffee and tea breaks run smoothly and also organises no less than seven evening functions over three evenings.

A first evening Reception and Dinner brings everyone together and builds the atmosphere. On Day One you’ll have chosen one of several dinner options. On Day Two, you enjoy a free evening, perhaps relaxing with new friends. And on Day Three, a Black Tie Awards Dinner brings it all to a splendid close.

Key Features

  • The 'classic' Three Castles formula: three days; a fun balance of up to 15 regularities and 20 tests.
  • An included informal bistro dinner… additional informal and premium choices.
  • An included drinks reception before the Welcome Dinner.
  • Sponsors Support Areas on Practice Day.
  • BritAssist recovery teams at all halts: sweep and evening garage facilities too.
  • Start times rotated each day and running order optimised for a great experience.


To see how it feels to participate on a Three Castles Welsh Classic Trial, please take a look at the iRally 2013 coverage here or the ITV 2013 coverage here - or indeed the ITV coverage below, which is from the 2012 event.



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