Since I was 12 years old and saw a yellow 356 I promised myself I would buy one when I got my first real job.  It was 10 years later but straight out of uni clearly my budget was terrible. Clouded by the dream and prospect of owning one I leveraged myself to the hilt and bought the biggest piece of shit money could buy... sight unseen(worst mistake ever). My dream was always to own a pre-A or beehive light A but as I said, my budget was too small so I went instead for a 1960 356B (T5).

When the car arrived on the truck I could have cried. It even had aluminium sheets pot riveted to the floor because the rust was so bad.

There is one and only one good thing by buying a dog car. In the end every panel, every bolt, every screw gets done and in the end, if you do things properly, you can make a car brand new. Other restos where the floor is "ok" or you patch up existing panels is not the same thing. So instead every panel skin was actually fully replaced leaving all the stitching like it should be rather than cut outs. In some cases it can be cheaper because you don’t stuff around fiddling. But again this is the only thing. The rest was blood sweat and tears.

So then it started. 6 years of hard work and the end result was pretty good.


The body was completely taken back to bare metal even with deadener in the back removed (that was 2 days sitting in the back with a wire wheel getting that shit off. The original deader also had a layer of tar that was almost indestructible. But once that was off we could see every rust spot even down to slight imperfections. Once thing I was adamant about was replacing everything with the full suite of new panels (literally all of them you could buy) and just replaced everything.


I bought brand new red leather interior to be inserted into the car. Original was vinyl but have gone the upgrade with the leather.


Engine is a completely rebuilt and ready to run 356 SC with 912 crank which is probably the best original worked engine you can put in this style of car. Factory would have put about 70Hp, The existing engine built for this car will output about 110Hp. Thank you Willi Reinicke.


Gearbox has been completely reconditioned and is the original gearbox for this engine. It was rebuilt with all new seals and gear parts.

Random body parts:

One of the biggest challenges was sorting out the parts and fixing repairing and fitting them. (NEVER EVER PULL THEM OFF WITHOUT LABELING AND CATEGORISING WITH NUMBERS! That was a major mistake). With most of the ones I could I went the extra step and powder coated them.  or ie seat parts and frames.

I also purchased replacement nuts and bolts for every single part in the car so everything will be new.

Additional special parts include:

1.      Orginal nardi wooden racing wheel

2.      GT Racing mirrors (1950s pair rechromed)

3.      Light grills.



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