84,206 Miles - Manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 2100cc (2.1L) 6 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
19,155 Miles - 5-speed manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive - 3000cc (3.0L) 6 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
89,821 Miles - 5-speed manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 2000cc (2.0L) 6 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
49,558 KM - 5-speed manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive - 3200cc (3.2L) 8 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
90,000 KM - Manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive - 1300cc (1.3L) 4 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
81,082 Miles - Automatic - LHD - Left Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 5700cc (5.7L) 8 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
18,194 Miles - Manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 1000cc (1.0L) 4 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
2,675 Miles - 4-speed manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive - 1500cc (1.5L) 4 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
13,154 Miles - 4-speed manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive - 3500cc (3.5L) 8 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
10 Miles - Manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 6 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
6,000 Miles - 4-speed manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 1600cc (1.6L) 4 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
84,206 Miles - Manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 6 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
75,059 Miles - Manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive - 1500cc (1.5L) 4 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
19,900 Miles - 4-speed manual - LHD - Left Hand Drive - 5400cc (5.4L) 8 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline
83,540 KM - 4-speed manual - RHD - Right Hand Drive Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - 1200cc (1.2L) 4 Cylinders - Petrol / Gasoline

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The word on the street:

"Who was the first person to be charged for drink-driving?"
George Smith, a 25 year old taxi driver, was the first person to be charged with drink-driving. He was fined 20 shillings at Marlborough Street Police Court in London on 10 September 1897. Smith had been arrested by Police Constable Russell after crashing his electric cab into the front of 165 New Bond Street.
National Motor Museaum Trust
"Who was the first person to get a speeding ticket?"
The first man convicted of speeding was Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent, who on 28 January 1896 was fined for speeding at 8 mph in a 2 mph zone. He was fined 1 shilling plus costs. Five years later, a New York City cab driver named Jacob German was arrested for speeding on May 20, 1899 for driving 12 miles per hour on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. He got jail time. But the first man to get an actual paper ticket was Harry Myers for going 12 mph on West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio in 1904. He was fined $10 which today is worth about $250.
"Who built the first car? "
Karl Benz of Mannheim in Germany is normally accredited as the inventor and first "car" after designing and building a three-wheeled petrol-engined vehicle in 1885. BUT this is somewhat controversial: Well over 100 years earlier the first "powered" vehicle was build in 1769 by a Frenchman. Then over 50 years before Benz, a guy from the UK created a powered vehicle fuelled by coal gas in 1826. Then why is Benz accredited as the godfather of cars when he only came up with his "car" in 1885? To read more click here or go to our news files and find out more.
"Did you know....?"
Everyone has heard the expression "like a doozy"... eg "wow its so beautiful...its a doozy" The expression comes from a luxury car brand from the 1930s called the Duesenberg - a very prestigious luxury car manufacturer producing very opulent vehicles for the rich and famous (even royalty). More importantly, because it was the 1930s and the great depression was still lingering, the Duesenberg was considered the top in terms of prestige and luxury. Hence the term doozy (or Duesy).
"A classic car is only as good as it's mechanic"
A good mechanic (of a real car) has to do all of it with his senses, instincts, gut feelings and if they are not good at it (or have a passion for what they are doing), they can do a hell of a lot of damage. Some mechanics are so good that even without taking your car for a test drive they will be able to hear problems. Or when they are in the car they will immediately make the proper diagnoses of what the problem is.  Read more about choosing a mechanic in Rare-News.
someone who used to drive (or get towed) 80km to see a good mechanic
"Your donations are only used for making the site better"
We assure, pledge, promise (however you want to call it) that all donations are used to make the site and the Rare services better. Every cent/penny donated is used to pay IT architects, developers and web designers to build greater functionality and content. If instead you are blessed with IT talent and would like to volunteer or have a suggestion on making our site better please contact us. Everything Helps!
2 Old Men that are mostly good with old things - but not so good with the new technology stuff.
"A video is worth 1,000,000 words"
Imagine before making the decision of buying a car you watch a 10 minute video going over the body, engine, interior, being walked through it all by the seller... even hearing the engine or watching it drive. Adding video adds so much value to an ad and increases exponentially the chances of a sale. HERE YOU CAN INSERT VIDEOS INTO YOUR LISTINGS - FREE. I don't know of any other car sales site that lets you do that.
Sell your item quicker by using videos in your listings - FREE
"Upload an unlimited number of photos - FREE!"
Have you ever tried to sell a car or part (or anything else) on a sales site (ie eBay, or other car sites) and been restricted to only uploading a limited number of photos... or worse, had to pay to add more? Well here you can upload an unlimited amount of photos - FREE. Here you can also upload videos, files, PDFs, word documents - anything you can think of to help with selling your item - FREE.    
Someone who hates paying fees to sell stuff
"Sound Familiar?"
There is nothing worse than needing a classic car or part and wasting a night sifting through pens, t-shirts, keyrings, models (eBay) or finding listings from the 10 years ago (many classic car sites, clubs and registries)... or finding links to useless advertising pages. How about looking through hundreds of new cars to get to an old one (ode to those who have ever looked for a classic mini or beetle). If you love classic cars you know what we mean. Help us to change it.
Been There Done That
We are so serious about your internet privacy that WE USE SECURITY THAT RIVALS MANY FINANCIAL SERVICE ORGANISATIONS. Have a look at the green sign and padlock in the URL. That means we are SSL certified which is the same as PayPal or many banking institutions. So login with confidence knowing your private information is protected including photos, emails, contact information - everything. ALSO WE WILL NEVER, EVER, NEVER EVER SELL OR PASS ON YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANY OTHER ORGANISATION.  THAT IS A GUARANTEE. For more information see our privacy policy 
The Rare Team
  We are so serious about your internet privacy that WE USE SECURITY THAT RIVALS MANY FINANCIAL SERVICE ORGANISATIONS. Have a look at the green sign and padlock in the URL. That means we are SSL certified which is the same that Paypal or many banking institutions have. This is just to give members piece of mind. So login with confidence knowing your private information is protected including photos, emails, contact information - everything. ALSO WE WILL NEVER, EVER, NEVER EVER SELL OR PASS ON YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANY OTHER ORGANISATION.  THAT IS A GUARANTEE. For more information see our privacy policy 
The Rare Team
Searching for classic cars and parts and getting bombarded by newer models, replicas, newer cars, t-shirts, key rings, dolls and god knows what else (like on eBay)? If you love classic Mini's, BMW's Porsches, try seaching on a car sales site. 1 in a 100 will actually be classic. Well Rare-Autos has been setup specifically by enthusiasts that feel your pain and want to provide an exclusive çlassic car relevant site. WE ONLY DEAL WITH CARS FROM 1989 OR EARLIER!
"love other old stuff? well we do too!"
  Rare- is dedicated to providing collectors, enthusiasts, buyers, sellers or even the curious a service to facilitate their love for old stuff. Watch our project grow. we also want to do rare-motos.com (motobikes), rare-boats.com, rare-pages.com (comics, manuscripts & books), rare-time.com (watches, clocks and timepieces), rare-games.com (toys, models, board games, computer games), rare-mail.com (stamps and mail collectables), rare-money.com (coins and notes), rare-bikes.com (bicycles and bike parts), rare-art.com (art, paintings, drawings, sculptures),rare-tunes.com (hard to find music), rare-weapons.com (rare guns, knives and military equipment) rare-mail.com (stamps & postage memorabilia) and anything else where we can help those that love their hobbies.  
Someone who thinks they don't make them like they used to.
"Capitalise on your restoration!"
A restoration can cost you the earth. Maybe it is worth it as an investment, maybe it is not. Regardless the best way to make your restoration count is to keep an over detailed report on your restoration project including lots of pictures, descriptions and even videos of every step of the way. Take notes as you go as sometimes restorations take years and when or if it is time to sell you might find it hard to remember everything. Video now is also a fantastic and cheap way of doing vehicle walk throughs. If you want to share it, open a blog page and track it all in one place - matched to your vin, so it can go down in history. Let others also watch and comment (if you want them to). We have tried to meet all your needs. 
The Rare Team
"Are you a show off?"
I love my car like it is my own flesh and blood. My friends don't understand it, my family doesn't understand it, hell even my wife thinks I am crazy. I know I am not alone and at least now I have a place I can share it. If you want to share in your achievements in making your car into a piece of perfection, or maybe your pride and joy is a rust bucket project costing you the earth and your hiding your bills from your wife then why not show it off to people that care. Launch your car on our Blog under its specific Model and Make. People just like you want to see it - trust me.    
A modest classic car owner
"Need help with your restoration or broken down car?"
Are you looking for help with a particular problem for your car or restoration build and are getting no answers from poorly maintained forums? Or you are an enthusiast and would like to find relevant information in one place? Well WE HAVE MADE OUR FORUMS MAKE AND MODEL SPECIFIC! This means you get specific responses to your specific problems.  
Someone whose pride and joy breaks down a lot
"Is this you?"
Are you wasting hours looking for classic cars or parts on the internet and finding them in hundreds of different sites? Or worse, are you finding links, one off irrelevant links photos, spam pages and random ads? Rare-Autos is committed to being the best, one and only global site where you can browse, research, buy, sell and enjoy your classic car addictions.
Another Classic Car Addict
"Rare Forums"
Rare-Autos has setup a forum specifically for you to ask questions about your model of car. That is right, your specific model of car. For example there is a forum for Porsche enthusiasts - a separate one for Morgan Enthusiasts - even one for Fuldamobil enthusiasts. Just ask a question and get some help. We also have a separate blog under each make and model of car so you can blog your restoration or love affair with your vehicle in the place where other enthusiasts can find it - TAKE A LOOK
Someone that cares about what you get out of this site
"We Need Your Help"
If you don't know already we are a completely open source service letting you buy and sell classic cars, parts for free. But we are wanting to be more than that...we want to make this site the best forum for classic car enthusiasts to buy, sell, browse and even just hang out but we need your help. Give us as much content, feedback, comments etc so we can make this site better for everyone.
"Did you know....."
Did you know that the first land speed record was acheived in an electric engine car in 1898 or that more than 100 years ago cars were going faster than 125 mph (200km per hour)? If you want to read more see Robert Hughes' article "Old School vs New School Land Speed Records" in our news section (in the main menu).  
"When did the first motoring fatality occur?"
in 1896. Mrs Bridget Driscoll of Old Town, Croydon became the first motoring fatality on 17 August 1896, when she was run over by a Roger-Benz car at Crystal Palace, London. Employed by the Anglo-French Motor Co, Arthur Edsell was driving at 4mph/6.44kph when he hit Mrs Driscoll, fracturing her skull in the process. The first driver to die from injuries sustained in a motoring accident was Mr Henry Lindfield of Brighton when his electrical carriage overturned on Saturday 12 February 1898. He died of shock the following day, caused by the amputation of one of his legs. According to the 19 February 1898 copy of Autocar, he had only driven the car two or three times and the accident was probably ‘due to the fact of the speed being so high’ – 16 or 17mph (25–27kph) – ‘a pretty high speed for a novice to maintain.’
National Motor Museaum Trust
"Can't find your dream car? Register with Rare-Scout"
One of the hardest things about looking for a rare car is knowing when they are put on the market. Worse is when you find your dream car and someone else has bought it before you. It happens time and time again and is nothing but frustrating at best and heartbreaking at the least. We have spent a lot of time developing a rich search system so you can be informed as soon as your dream vehicle gets listed on Rare-Autos. Register - it's free, just select what you are looking for and it will do the rest.
Rare Team
"Thank you"
Thank you guys! A site like this has been long overdue.
"Send us your article"
Do you have something to say? Well send us in your articles and we will be happy to publish them. Just fill in the contact form and attach your article.
The Rare Team